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I call myself Traveler Explorer & Fakir!! Traveling has created histories, most of the turning points in history started with traveling. Most noteworthy is finding America by mistake, also finding a way to India through ocean!! Obviously, I have no intention of making history. My love for traveling is related to memories it provides. In addition, get absorbed in the mere tranquility it offers to get free from the clutches of society. That’s why thefernwehfakir.

Dr Kunjan Detroja Traveler explorer photographer




Fernweh in french means, irresistible urge to travel and as the fakirs have no attachments to any materialistic world, traveling provides me exactly the same feel for those few days when it takes complete possession of my soul.

My name is Dr. Kunjan -I call myself Traveler Explorer Photographer & foodie. Besides I love to relive my travel experiences through my photography and find delicious local vegetarian dishes.

Nerve wracking Paragliding experience

Nerve wracking Paragliding experience

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be a reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

Being a budget traveler, you will find lots of hacks and tips about traveling & trips on my site. Though I do not mind indulging in luxury provided by hotels & resorts. I have no issue with staying in basic accommodations as well. This blog is a collection of my travel stories, reviews of hotels and exploration of vegetarian food around the world.

When I am not traveling this is what I do –

Teaching –

I work as Profession in GMERS Medical College Junagadh. After completing my medical graduation, I choose teaching field so I have lots of spare time for photography and traveling during vacation. some perks of being a government employee.

Professional Photography –

I have been working as a professional photographer for 8 years. I have captured weddings stories of all kind of cultures. Been published twice on Femina India for my contribution to wedding photography. I have worked with clients from all kind of economic background, gives me chances to meet a variety of people.

Blogging –

Now onwards, I will be documenting all my travel experiences on this site. Hence my blog posts will offer great details you may not find anywhere online because I get them through my travel experiences.

Travel Planning & helping others

I love making travel plans, finding resorts & restaurants. I have helped a lot of friends with travel itinerary & helped them find discounts everywhere. believe me, I managed to book a Beach  Cottage in Goa for 1700/- bucks including delicious breakfast in Goa. Probably that’s what traveler explorer like me do, Explore – online & offline!!

So if you want to make the perfect trip, I can help you customize your itinerary focusing on your interests. I do it for free because my reward is your happiness you get from an amazing travel experience.

Contact me anytime for help-
Mobile: +91-9428706249
Email – kunjandetroja@gmail.com